Interesting Solutions
Vented Aluminum Frames

The proper venting of protective covering is a key element in creating the right condition to preserve your windows. Venting has been long recognized as essential. Bovard Studio has a patented process that vents the protective covering through the frame using our patented (U.S. patent #7,607,267 B2) Precision Flow System® that eliminates the need for drilling vent holes in your protective covering.

West Angeles Cathedral Earthquake Proofing

The West Angeles Cathedral in Los Angeles has a 150 feet high cross tower. The first 108 ft tower consist of Bovard Studio's proprietary stained glass curtain wall system. The Clerestory Band is 8 ft high by 653 ft long. The lamination of real stained glass to panels of plate glass has been used in the production of stained glass windows for two decades. Bovard Studio developed a proprietary process for laminating stained glass to large oversized panels of tempered laminated glass. The typical panel was 8ft. by 10 ft. Bovard Studio craftspeople laminated the stained glass onto base panes of ½ inch thick laminated tempered glass. The finished panels weighed about 800 lbs. per piece.

St Peter's, San Francisco, CA

St Peter's after the January 19, 1997 fire is one of only five churches that survived the great San Francisco earthquake and fire in 1906. Bovard Studio replicated 38 stained glass windows destroyed or damaged beyond repair by the fire. Bovard Studio also recreated all 46 mahogany window frames and their hand carved tracery and fabricated protective covering systems with tempered laminated glass.

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