Ron Bovard on the construction site at St. Mary of The Angels Roman Catholic Church, Chicago, IL.
Cost Estimates
We will always welcome your call at Bovard Studio no matter how large or small the job is. Whether you want an informal or a formal estimate or quotation, we will be delighted to provide it. We have provided some online forms and questionnaires to help you understand the scope and cost of your project in this section. If, however, you wish to speak to someone about any aspect of your project please call us at 1-800-452-7796 ext.202 or email us at .

Written Estimates
Large scale restoration of existing windows and construction of new windows for churches and public institutions require written estimates, proposals and contracts which are generated and finalized by our qualified and experienced stained glass experts. To obtain a written estimate for your project please contact us at 1-800-452-7796 ext.202 or email us at .

Area Reps
Bovard Studio has sales representatives nationwide who are available to estimate new stained glass installation and repair/restoration of existing stained glass for churches and institutions. Please call toll free 1-800-452-7796 ext.202 or email us at for the name and number of the representative nearest you.

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