Above: Greg Bovard with an 800 lb., 8 ft. high by 10 ft. wide panel for the clerestory band for the West Angeles Cathedral.
The Challenge

Bovard Studio is proud of its innovative and creative solutions to customer problems and challenges. We pride ourselves on patiently working with you to provide beautiful stained glass windows that meet the most rigid standards.

Our challenge for the West Angeles Cathedral was to design, engineer and fabricate stained glass windows for a 108 ft. high, 35 ft. deep stained glass window in a tower with an 8 ft. high by 653 ft. long clerestory band, and get it approved by the City of Los Angeles for earthquake code. The stained glass window in the tower is higher than a 10-story building and the stained glass clerestory band is longer than two football fields.
The architect's and contractor's big fear was that the stained glass windows needed to close in the building to make it weather tight would cause costly delays to their construction causing budget overruns.
Bovard Studio Inc. Stained Glass solved all of the code and fabrication problems and was the only contractor to complete its part of the project on time.
“Visitors have been coming from all parts of the country to see the Cathedral. We have received nothing but compliments on the Stained Glass. Thank you again for your exquisite work.”
…Mae L. Blake, West Angeles Cathedral


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