This section is an index of a collection of designs which represent a cross section of work taken from Bovard Studio's portfolio. From simple to complex, from abstract to representational, from traditional to modern, and from small intimate stained glass windows to windows as big as the side of a building. The techniques used to fabricate these windows vary from leaded glass to faceted glass. Some have no glass painting, others have every piece of glass in the window painted. Some windows have etching, others have silver staining, plating, traditional glass staining colors, transparent and opaque enamels, stenciling, silk screening and/or medallions. Most windows have a combination of several of these treatments

On these pages you will find a wide variety of what is possible in ecclesiastic art glass today. It is our hope that you will find inspiration from a few of them, and it will be a step in your continued exploration of the art and the craft of stained glass. There are a lot of images on this page, so with an ordinary modem connection, it may take a while to load. Go get a cup of coffee and come back to see the world's most extensive and beautiful stained glass portfolio!

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