About Us
Bovard Studio had its beginning in 1971 with founder Ron Bovard working as an independent artist. Since an exhibit at the Carnegie Museum in 1972, Bovard has exhibited his art in galleries and museums around the world, including more than 25 one man shows in places such as New York City and Vienna, Austria.

From this modest beginning by the year 2000, the studio had expanded to over 70 artists, craftspeople and staff who complete over 100 church projects per year, as well as projects in courthouses, libraries, colleges and other public and private buildings. We have attracted many of the finest artists and craftspeople from around the world. Working in both traditional and contemporary styles, Bovard artists have won many awards and honors.

Bovard Studio has restored famous historic stained glass masterpieces by Louis Tiffany, Louis Sullivan, Charles Connick, Frederick Lamb, and Xavier Zettler, and has created new windows in these and other historic styles. Whether your needs are historic or modern, please call us at 1-800-452-7796 ext.202 or email us at:info@bovardstudio.com.

With over 40,000 square feet of modern production space on 20 acres of highway frontage, we have the facilities to meet your every stained glass need. Our facilities include a state of the art graphic design department, a glass painting studio with fine artists assembled from around the world, efficient, well organized stained glass production space, stained glass restoration facilities, wood and metal shops, and showroom and offices.

At Bovard Studio we are proud to carry on the tradition of stained glass art as one of the oldest major art forms in the world, with it's profound place in history.

State of the art and time tested methods are combined with care to transform your vision from the initial design to the finished product.

Your church's stained glass windows are a testament of your faith and a reflection of your spiritual inspiration. Their lasting beauty will be a legacy for generations to come. Our mission and deep commitment is to ensure that your stained glass windows embody the truest representation of your highest truth and endure for future generations to appreciate.

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