Top: Shows the stained glass window with yellowed haze Lexan® prior to the Bovard Studio renovation. Note how this simple grid design of the aluminum frame hides the beauty of the original triple lancet window frame and its tracery.
Bottom: Stained glass window with new vented plate glass protective covering using Bovard Studio aluminum protective covering extrusion bent to match the mullions and muntins of the original three lancets and tracery.
Protective Covering

Your stained glass windows are an investment in the future and as such they probably need an exterior protective covering. There is a real risk, however, that the protective covering might damage the window if it is not properly designed and installed for stained glass preservation. We will gladly provide you with information or a written estimate for your project including protective coverings when you contact us.

During the examination and restoration of many windows, we have frequently witnessed the tragic consequences of poorly constructed protective coverings. This led to our development of the highest levels of expertise in the design and installation of exterior protective coverings.

It is essential that a properly vented protective covering is designed and installed by a stained glass professional who understands all the hazards of this little known craft. Bovard Studio has established substantial skill and experience in the installation of exterior protective coverings for stained glass windows.

Protective coverings have been widely used only within the last forty years. Please do not assume that our competition knows the intricacies of these products simply because they have been in the business longer or from generation to generation. This knowledge takes experience and dedication. We are here to share this knowledge with you.

We have learned that there is a critical distance between the stained glass and the protective glazing. When this distance is too small the air space that it defines cannot be properly ventilated. This results in condensation damage caused by bacteria growing in the moist environment created by condensation. The bacteria secrete acids which damage your stained glass lead cames and window frames. Premature metal fatigue results from the exaggerated expansion and contraction cycles caused by heat build up in the metal.

At Bovard Studio our many years and hundreds of installations have allowed us to hone our skills and expertise in the installation of these exterior protective coverings so that your precious artwork is protected.

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