New Window Engagements
West Angeles Cathedral

Bishop Charles Blake is leading the revitalization of a neighborhood that was notorious for its riots, gangs and drive-by shootings. His success in the south central district of Los Angeles California has been crowned by the construction of the new West Los Angeles Cathedral. This impressive structure stands as a glowing testament to the divine inspiration driving this extraordinary man, his loving wife and his congregation. Bovard Studio was selected to design and construct the vast stained glass windows that dominate the experience of all who enter the Cathedral. Read more about the background to this awe-inspiring monument in Los Angeles.

Santa Clara Mission

In 1997, the historic Santa Clara Mission Cemetery in Santa Clara, California, built its new St. Joseph Mausoleum. The Nativity and Risen Christ, are examples of our original full figure stained glass windows. The Cemetery's director commented that he regretted not designing more of our stained glass windows into St. Joseph's as their impact for the money spent was so much greater than the impact of other art in the Mausoleum.

Maxwell Air Force Base

Maxwell Air Force Base, Chapel Number 2. Bovard Studio made three large stained glass windows for the enlisted men, women and officers of Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, Alabama.

We had received tight military specifications for this project. The Air Force chaplain, the enlisted men, officers and base commander requested more than a dozen renderings with various design possibilities that added significant artwork to their stained glass window project. After they agreed on a final design, the chaplain collected donations within a few weeks from the Air Force men and women serving at Maxwell Air Force Base for the additional costs above the basic window design in the government contract.

Christ Cathedral

The choir director of historic Christ Cathedral in downtown St. Louis, Missouri, wanted a very special music stained glass window for his memorial, and he wanted to enjoy it during his lifetime. Our design department worked very closely with him to create his vision in stained glass.

VA Center Knoxville, TN

The Veterans Administration Hospital Chapel, Knoxville, Iowa, has a collection box for their stained glass window fund. When veterans come in for comfort and prayer, they often drop their loose change or a few dollars into the box. From their hearts the funds have been raised for four new stained glass windows to grace their beautiful worship space.

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